We understand your business needs are changing. With our digitalization experience and domain knowledge we have developed a next generation Integrity Management solution which offers flexible functionality to meet your individual needs. We have invested significantly over the last few years to modernize and transform the application to ensure an optimised user experience.

Experience Counts

As the original developers of Coabis we have built on:







With this extensive knowledge and experience we have been able to integrate some of the leading technologies, competencies, expertise and applications into a completely scalable, interconnected and future ready solution.

This is Aize Integrity Elements

With Aize Integrity Elements we have redesigned and transformed the industry standard in integrity support solutions through the development of configurable applications or “elements” for individual integrity, inspection and corrosion management requirements.

We realise that no two operations are identical and that you need this agility and flexibility to make the most of your existing investments.

Building on a solid foundation

These individual foundation elements will be able to be utilised individually or combined with potential to replace all other systems with only one to provide a total Asset Integrity Management (AIM) solution.

SURF Subsea Production System, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines

At the very heart of Integrity Elements lie our Foundation Elements. The Foundation Elements represent the 4 main disciplines or domains for inspection, integrity and corrosion management.

The first of Foundation Elements to be released is SURF, realising that the majority of our customer base utilise the existing Coabis application for this area of their Subsea Integrity Management and an area where we can quickly demonstrate the value of the new application.

Built on our Red Dot award winning design system, the SURF Foundation Element contains updated functionality and features based on either industry standard or acknowledged best practice guidelines, covering:

  • Administration
  • Planning
  • Execution (including workpack generation)
  • Reporting
  • Trending
  • Full anomaly management
  • Action raising/tracking and interfaces
  • Media and documentation
  • Dashboarding

We have gone beyond current Coabis functionality and use, providing conversion customers with immediate improvement and efficiency gains. For new customers, we deliver a future ready, end to end Integrity Management solution that is easily deployed, interconnected and scaled according to your needs.

“We are future ready now. We have developed SURF on the latest design and technology stack, are able to connect to the latest hardware for inspection gathering, can connect to any device, anywhere at any time and can integrate and talk to any number of enterprise or augmenting applications.

A complete digital twin of facility or field

With Aize Integrity Elements we can give birth to the digital twin through the integrity domain connecting the inspection, integrity and related data directly into an existing or new 3D model. We can also link seamlessly to any existing digital twin or platform that you may have in place.

Want to try the application?

The Aize Integrity Elements SURF foundation element, is now launched and ready. Click on the link below to register for access to our demo portal which will be available soon.

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